Basic Convoy Best practice

  1. Use a call sign on the 2 way that reflects your positioning in the convoy
    1. The convoy leader will usually do a radio check at the start of each day to be responded to in sequence of your position in the convoy.
    2. Eg Walkabout 2, 3 or 4 etc
  2. Headlights on low beam always in convoy
    1. Better to see you my dear
  3. When on a highway or major road leave room between vehicles to allow for passing cars to slip in between
  4. Advise the rest of the convoy of a passing car.
    1. As the passing car passes you advise ahead so all are aware that they are about to be passed.
  5. When on dusty roads the convoy will spread out to avoid to much dust, so sometimes messages may need to be relayed to those behind. dust and distance affect 2 way range.
  6. Communicate all actions, eg if you want to stop for a picture or what ever call up and advise
  7. Acknowledge other calls with a roger to confirm you have heard
  8. When turning or changing direction make sure the person behind you has seen you turn, either an acknowledgement on the 2 WAY or visual, in a larger convoy a Visual is best, so wait till they are visible in your mirror before making the turn.
  9. When the convoy leader advises a change in direction reply when you have made the turn.
    1. This way the convoy leader is sure that all have followed
  10. Maintain a constant speed and gap between you and the vehicle in front.
    1. If you vary your speed an effect called lacky band occurs where the whole convoy has to slow down and then speed up, it is much better to concentrate on a set comfortable distance to the car in front depending on conditions and maintain it.
  11. If your tail end Charlie you must have a good radio and arial as this position is responsible for keeping the convoy together and watching that any don’t stray
    1. As in 8

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