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Date:- Tuesday 12 June 2018 to Wednesday 13th June, Sunsets at 5:18pm so aim to get there say 4:30 

Destination:- Lake Ninan 12 km West of Wongan Hills on the Calingiri road

Accomodation:- Free camping at the Lake or paid accomodation in town. there are no facilities at the lake so you will need to be  fully self contained 

Distance:- 168 via Midland- Bindoon-Calingiri  182 via Wanneroo and  Neaves road to Gt Northern Highway-Calingiri or 201 via Northam_ Wongan Hills

Assembly:- Lake Ninan from before sunset Wednesday

Costs;- $0 unless you elect to stay in Wongan Hills

Suits:- 2WD

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There is a rest area where you can stay overnight by the lakeside  - no water or toilets, just a picnic table and benches.

It's about 12kms east of Wongan Hills on the Calingiri/Wongan Hills which is why I've suggested travelling up the Great Northern Highway. Some people may find it more convenient to travel through Toodyay/Northam/Goomalling to Wongan Hills. In which case you would turn left onto Calingiri Road on the outskirts of Wongan Hills.

By June there should be some water in the lake which adds to the appeal for photographs