Destinations unknown

Depart Perth New date July 24th to 28th meet up at Bakers Hill Bakery 9am for morning tea and departing Bakers Hill at 9:30 

Trip is planned for 4 nights 5 days so back home Tuesday 28th afternoon 

Rules of the Mystery Tour

  • Start by heading to Merredin then toss a coin
  • Coin toss call by alternate members of the trip on a per vehicle basis.
  • Coin toss results in either left or right or straight ahead, however ignoring the current direction of travel, so first up its left or right.
  • No doubling back over previous route.
  • At each town that has a hotel, bottle shop or tavern, toss the coin again ignoring the previous direction option, so if the last was left then the options are straight ahead or right.
  • At each coin toss town we explore the town for photo opportunities for 30 minutes. 
  • Any Y junctions we take the dominant road.
  • Between 3 and 4pm we look for a camp spot, If any members of the group are not camping then we will look for a caravan park with accommodation.
  • Night 4 should not be further than 400km from Perth so day 4 coin toss options need to head in that direction making sure that we get inside that boundary by 3pm 
  • Members to register their interest by clicking Here